Compliance After Brexit - 16th May 2019


8:30 Registration


8:55 Chair’s opening remarks


9:00 Fireside chat with the regulatory bodies: What happens next for compliance?

  • Understanding the role and powers of the new Office for Environmental Protection and pre-existing UK regulatory bodies after British withdrawal from the European Union
  • Creating a more cross-departmental view of environmental governance
  • New opportunities to act on key themes pushed by the 25 Year Environment Plan outside of EU funding and regulatory framework

Speaker: Rob Cooke, Director EU Transition, Natural England


9:30 Case law-driven changes to EU-made environmental law

  • A model for how incremental changes from EU law may be changed
  • Will European Court of Justice precedents carry forward during compliance cases?
  • Is there a legal foundation for compliance after British withdrawal from the European Union?

Speaker: Begonia Filgueira, Legal Director, Foot Anstey


10:00 Strategies to ensure environmental protection outside of European Union targets

  • Recognising the consequences exiting the Water Framework Directive and Ambient Air Quality Directive
  • Emphasising existing legislation setting unilateral targets for climate change mitigation
  • The business case for continued compliance with EU directives


10:20 Panel session: What next for UK environmental policy?

  • Addressing concerns from the public and private sector regarding where UK environmental policy will diverge from EU policy
  • Understanding where opportunities lie for more radical environmental policy, and whether this will be the path the UK takes
  • Analysing the potential for greater private sector participation in environment and sustainability funding
  • Creating a strong legacy for the environment with a long term view


David Baldock, Senior Fellow, IEEP

Dustin Benton, Policy Director, Green Alliance

Prof. Colin Reid, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Dundee


11:05 Chair’s closing remarks


11:10 Close of conference